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Dr. A. Abraham MD


English, Malayalam

Specialisation Area

Personal Development, Relationships, Career Guidance

Available Plans

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    ₹ 10000.00
    Max 1 follow-up's


I gave up my medical career as consultant in dermatology in the UK as I was fascinated by the simple power of NLP in self awareness and self empowerment. I love helping others, I found that the best way to help is to help others be empowered to help themselves and in NLP awesome yet simple, logical way to do just that. NLP or Neuro Linguistic programming is a very simple methodology that explains how we think and how that influences our behaviour , understanding and our language. It helps us to understand the power of our mind and how much we are in charge of our own mind and therefore our behaviour. It helps to be able to use our mind to be the best and not be affected by what others say or do My dream is to make NLP part of the training and teaching curriculum, including medical and sports (esp shooting , archery , golf) as I sincerely believe that there is far too much training and teaching without helping everyone to realise the power of their mind and how it works.

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    Personal Development
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    Career Guidance
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