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The Unexpected Reason You Should Watch a Real Tearjerker Of A Movie

Study tested how people feel 90 minutes after watching a tearjerking film.

People who watched a sad film were eventually in a better mood after watching it than they were before, a recent study found.


However, it took about 90 minutes, on average, to feel better after crying.

The research could help explain the function of crying.

Some argue that crying provides emotional relief.

And yet, when it is measured in the lab, crying makes people feel much worse.

The study showed 60 people two films known to be tearjerkers.

Their mood was measured right after watching the films, then after 20 minutes and 90 minutes.

Around half of the participants cried during the film: naturally they felt worse immediately afterwards.

The results showed, though, that after 20 minutes the criers had recovered their initial dip in mood.


It is probably this dip and then recovery that makes people feel that crying ha

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