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Why Women Prefer Pink

August 2007 - A study by Newcastle University researchers Anya C. Hurlbert and Yazhu Ling published in Current Biologysupports the popular notion that men and women differ when it comes to colour preference. Researchers found that women prefer pink "or at least a redder shade of blue" than men do.

Anya Hurlbert said: "Although we expected to find sex differences, we were surprised at how robust they were, given the simplicity of our test".

Young men and women (171 British Caucasians) were asked to select, as rapidly as possible, their preferred colour from a series of paired rectangles. Overall, the differences were sufficiently clear to predict the sex of a participant. To investigate whether biology or culture was more influential, researchers also tested a small group of Chinese people. Results were similar, supporting the hypothesis that sex differences might have a biological component. Results indicated tha

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