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General FAQ

qust Does Amfine provide homecare or hospital facility?

No. Amfine is an online portal that provides online consultation only. Amfine is not associated with any hospital or does not provide home care, hospital care or direct treatment at clinics, psychiatry centres or nursing homes.

qust Can one meet the Doctor personally?

No. Amfine is a one to one online consultation provider only. We do not have direct meet facility. The patient may meet the doctor personally outside the Amfine boundaries, as a normal consultation via appointment if the Doctor wishes so. Such meetings has no relation whatsoever with Amfine.

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Specialties FAQ

qust Can I consult the Doctor on a specialty that is not mentioned in the list of Specialties provided?

Yes. You may. One can raise queries for consultation in such cases under the topic -‘Others’.

qust Does Amfine have specialists in various specialties mentioned?

Yes. Amfine has an expert panel of specialists who can provide consultation on the various specialties mentioned. For more details please click on the ‘Find a Doctor’ tab in Home page.

qust Can I select any Doctor/Specialist from the panel to consult privately?

Yes. The user has the freedom to choose a Doctor/Specialist from the panel displayed in the website. But, for better result and response it is advisable that one chooses a specialist who is an expert in the field that the user has a problem in.

qust Will all my queries and problems get addressed?

Yes. All the user problems related to illness in mental and psychological health will be addressed.

qust Will the user be allotted the same Doctor/Specialist that he has chosen?

Yes, most of the times. But, there may be cases when a Doctor/Specialist has the consultation slots booked for a future period of time. In such cases the user will be given a further choice. But in cases of review or repeat consultation, the user will be directed to the same Doctor/Specialist.

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Choose, Pay, Talk FAQ

qust Is there any free consultation?

Yes. Free consultation option is available via messaging and text mode only. Telephonic and Video call consultation are available on payment basis only.

qust How can the Doctors see my previous reports?

There is a choice to upload any reports pertaining to the patient condition. X-Rays, Scan reports, previous prescriptions, Doctors summary etc can be uploaded through the website.

qust What upload formats are available?

Uploads can be done in .pdf, .jpeg and .png formats.

qust What is the max upload size?

The max upload size per upload is 1 MB.

qust Do I need to make payment before consultation?

Yes. The payment for each sitting of consultation needs to be paid before the session. This has to be paid after the user has sent the message. The confirmation of the message sent will be displayed after the payment process has been successful.

qust Do I need to make repeat payments for reviews or repeat consultations?

Yes. But the payments for review consultations differ. For detailed payment schedule, click on the consult now tab.

qust Can I talk to the Doctor/ Specialist telephonically?

Yes. The Doctors at Amfine can be reached in 3 ways- via text messages, via telephone and via video call sessions. The rates for the 3 modes vary. For detailed payment schedule, click on the consult now tab.

qust What are the system requirements for video call facility at the user end?

Security FAQ

qust Will the details provided by me remain confidential?

Yes. The details provided to the doctor remain confidential and private. No information provided by the user will be used outside the boundaries of Amfine.

qust How can I trust the advice provided?

The advice provided through Amfine is provided by a Specialist and an Expert in the field of Mental health, Psychology or Psychiatry. Amfine has no role whatsoever in the advice or prescription provided by them. The panel of Doctors and Specialists have years of experience in the field. Hence, the user can trust these Doctors and Specialists.

Other Queries

for any assistance please call us on +91 9090919122
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